Dr. Kang Cello Lessons
GMP Education Center values the privacy and confidentiality of its customers/clients/users and is committed to protecting their personal information. We will not sell, rent, trade, or disclose personal information to any third party for marketing or commercial purposes without the explicit consent of the individuals concerned, unless required by law.
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If the student is under the age of 18, the parent or guardian must submit the form.
Dr. Kang June 2023 Available Schedule
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Music Student Attendance and Payment Policy

a. Regular attendance is essential for the progress and success of music students.
b. Students are expected to attend all scheduled lessons unless they are unable to do so due to illness, emergencies, or other unavoidable circumstances.
c. Students or their parents/guardians must notify their music teacher or the administrative office in advance if they cannot attend a scheduled lesson.

Exclusive Lesson Arrangement and Business Engagement Policy:
a. The number of lessons and the agreed schedule will be determined at the beginning of each term or as specified by the GMP Education Center.
b. The agreed amount of lessons and the corresponding payment amount will be clearly communicated to the student or their parents/guardians.
c. Students, parents, and/or guardians agree to set up the terms of the lessons exclusively through the GMP Education Center's office and not engage in any business transactions or arrangements outside the scope of the Education Center's services. This ensures a secure and streamlined process for all educational matters.

a. Payment for music lessons should be made in accordance with the agreed amount of lessons.
b. The payment schedule will be communicated by the administrative office and should be made in a timely manner and according to the agreed amount of lessons to ensure the continuation of lessons.
c. Accepted payment methods include Zelle, PayPal, Venmo.
d. Per term registration fee is $50
e. Late payments may result in lesson cancellations or additional fees, as determined by the education center's policy.

Make-up Lessons:
a. Make-up lessons may be provided for excused absences due to student illness or emergencies, limited to a maximum of one make-up lesson per term.
b. Students or their parents/guardians must notify the music teacher or the administrative office in advance to qualify for a make-up lesson.
c. Make-up lessons will be scheduled at a mutually convenient time for the student and the teacher, subject to availability.

Termination of Lessons:
a. Students may choose to discontinue lessons at the end of the agreed term with a 10-day prior notice.
b. If a student decides to quit during the term, lesson fees will not be refunded.
c. If a student repeatedly skips lessons without notice, there will be no refund or credit for missed lessons.
d. Refunds or credits for lessons not taken will be determined by the education center's cancellation policy.

Privacy and Confidentiality:
a. The music school is committed to protecting the privacy and confidentiality of student information.
b. Personal information provided by students or their parents/guardians will be used solely for administrative purposes and will not be shared with third parties unless required by law.

Policy Agreement:
a. By enrolling in music lessons at the GMP Education Center, students and their parents/guardians agree to comply with the attendance and payment policy.
b. Any violations of the policy may result in lesson cancellations or termination of enrollment.

Indemnification by Applicant
By enrolling in the GMP Education Center services, the applicant releases and holds the Global Music Partnership and its partners harmless from any and all liability for injuries, loss, or damage of any kind to the applicant or any other person, including personal injury, death, or property damage. This includes any injuries or damages resulting from participating in any instruction and/or performance-related activities. The applicant agrees to fully indemnify, without limitation, the Global Music Partnership, its employees, partners, and any other person from any claims by third parties relating to the music lessons and/or performances.

By checking the box, I agree to submit the tuition payment and registration fee (if applicable) within 24 hours after submitting the registration form.
By checking the box, I agree to the terms and policies.
If the student is under the age of 18, the parent or guardian must submit the form.